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The following issues are what I believe are some of my core values based on my experiences over the past 25 years.

Diversity and Canada
We need to embrace our diversity and see it as one of our greatest strengths.
A few select pictures taken from Folklorama over the years.

Health Care
For me there is no public/social program more important than our Healthcare system

Crime and Safety
The legalization of canibas was about taking hundreds of millions from criminals every year, reducing the harm caused to our young people and making our communities a safer place to live.

Supporting our Seniors
We reduced the age of retirement from 67 to 65.
We dramatically increased the GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement) raising thousands of seniors out of poverty.

Education and training

Jobs and our economy
WOur economye need to embrace o

Investing in Canada Infrastructure
We need to embrace o

Everyday issues
Cell phone rates
race Perscription drugs

Our Democracy