Kevin Lamoureux
Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North
January-Febuary Perogy lunch There is no cost and usually with the help of my daughter,staff and volunteers, I host a wonderful perogy lunch. Cindy and I will hand out the meal while there is background entertainment and music which is follwed by me ahring a few words and answering some questions. Residents of Winnipeg North MUST register in advance, as it is limited seating. Special thanks to St Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
Canada Day in Tyndall ParkFor about 30 years I have hosted a Canada Day celebration on July 1 in Tyndall Park, first as the MLA for Inkster and now as the MP for Winnipeg North On July 1 you can expect to see:entertainmentactivitiesgamespizzadancingFIREWORKS at 10:35pm Celebrating Canada’s diversity is what my fall event (October) is all about.It is a two hour event held in the Maples.You do not have to register BUT there is a limited amount ofsnack food and chairs available. The event itself will recognize Diwali, have some samosas, pansit and a couple of other tastey samples. Along with the food there will be some entertainment and like the perogy lunch I will share some thoughts and answer some questions. On June 1, I will host a special event in recognition of June being Filipino Heritage month in Canada. On June 21, I will host a special event in recognition of National Indgeneous Peoples Day in Canada.
Special thanks to Tyndall Park Community Center