Kevin Lamoureux
MP for Winnipeg North
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The purpose of this page is to show how I keep in touch
with the residents of Winnipeg North.
Newsletters and my householders – every month via Canada Post I have information sent out through the mail. Titled "People First " it is almost always sent out in a newsletter format and on 3 to 4 occasions a year as a booklet.
Voice messaging – based on the three special annual events that I host, I will often send out a telephone voice broadcast in order to notify and invite constituents. These are often targeted messages but know that if I do not have your phone number in my database you will not get a phone call.
Direct mail – direct mailing to targeted homes allows me to target messages that might be of interest to some more than others. Amongst other things it allows me to circulate questionnaires, special trips and petitions.
Attending events – throughout the year I will attend many events and as a general rule I am happy to go as long as I am in Winnipeg and available (no other conflicts). If you would like me to attend please contact my office and talk to one of my staff. Events are great way for me to meet Constituents.
Visiting homes – I also visit homes when the opportunity is there for me. If you would really like me to stop by your home please let my office know.
Reaching out – I am happy to reach out to you more.
Consider providing me or my office one or more of the following:
Telephone number, email address or home address.
Let me know by calling or emailing my office, or calling 204.984.1765.
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