Kevin Lamoureux
In Budget 2024, we’re making the wealthy pay a bit more, so we can have better healthcare, childcare, dental care, affordable homes, and so that we can make Canada work better for Millennials and Gen Z. That’s what fairness looks like. This week, we tabled Budget 2024: Fairness for Every Generation. Our plan is one where you get ahead, where young families can find a home they can afford, where your grandparents can age with dignity – where everyone has a fair chance at success. We’re building more homes; cutting red tape; fast tracking construction; turning public lands into housing; and using tomorrow’s technologies to build smarter homes, today. We’re making life cost less by saving you money on child care, and introducing new programs such as dental care, the National School Food Program, and pharma care. We’re investing in Canada by enhancing productivity, accelerating economic growth, and encouraging game-changing innovation. This will create good jobs, where workers have a seat at the table and secure Canada as a global leader in the clean economy. MORE TO COME LATER THIS WEEK