Kevin Lamoureux
Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North
In September of 2021, I was re-elected for the 5th timeas the “MP for Winnipeg North.” Back in December of 2015,Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed me as the“Parliamentary Secretary to the Government House Leader”. During the 80’s I served in the Canadian Forces for just over 3 years.After my training I was posted to Edmonton where I served asan Air Traffic Control Assistant until I left in 1985. Back in 1988, at age 26, I was 1st elected to the Manitoba Legislature. In total I was elected five times representing the riding of Inkster for almost 20 years (a few months short).As the MLA for Inkster I held a number of critic roles including Immigration, Health, Housing and Labour.  Born at the St.Boniface Hospital in 1962 I grew up in Winnipeg and a few years in Saskatchewan  Since 2011 I have been on the Liberal Party House Leadership Team
Born in Winnipeg back on January 22, 1962. Attended Public School in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan and studied at the University of Winnipeg. Since leavig the Candian Forces I have lived in te communities of Weston, Tyndall Park, Shaughnessy Park, Garden Grove and I now live in The Maples